Welcome to Uni:theme Preview Page.

UniTheme is short for Universal theme for WordPress. UniTheme will give you whole bunch of options that are designed to give your website the best look. Theme is really complex and should only be used by designers familiar with CSS.
HTML progress
HTML 77%
CSS progress
CSS 71%
PHP progress
PHP 84%
Design progress
Design 23%

Gain info

In order to make client satisfied design must be according to client's standard. Weather it is small company or big corporation , it is very important to have design that client wants and to have everything working as predicted.


Get Data

To have good product, one needs to plan and rearrange data, rewrite texts, take new photos, redesign logo... It is important not to overlook any flaws or possible issues that might pop out in the process of creation.


Do the job

Once there's enough data for the project, get things done properly. Get the best service your client needs. Even if the client is happy with the product, make sure there is nothing lacking, everything is working and everything is in order.


Be there

Client often doesn't have IT support and lacking the skills to support their products. Be sure to give best support possible as once the client is happy, it will pay off as clients tend to be loyal to good services.